Some of the 2011 MTB Team

Friday, February 18, 2011

CV Park at 11am

WEATHER PERMITTING… Meet at CV park (corner of New York & Honolulu). We will do some climbing in the Verdugos breaking up into various groups taking different routes depending on ability, time limits, number of coaches and weather. We can ride if it is a little wet, but if it is raining too hard or too stormy, we will not ride. ALWAYS BRING A LITTLE MORE CLOTHING (and food and water) THAN YOU THINK YOU WILL NEED.

The CV Composite Team is invited to join in with Santa Clarita Team and the Burbank team to ride with them. It will be a good chance to check out new MTB terrain. If you want to stay for the BBQ, let them know as below and consider bringing some BBQ food to contribute. Talk to team mates or coaches about the possibility of carpooling if you need a ride.

Team Practice with Burroughs Racing Castaic Recreation Center
Monday, February 21 at 9:30am
Location: Castaic Recreation Center 31230 Castaic Road Castaic CA 91384

All league teams are invited...Holiday ride and BBQ. Time trial and practice race course will be going on! Bring your family and we will supply the BBQ for (Hart Dist. Team). Please let me know how many will be joining us after the ride.

Parents if you could help with side dishes that would be great, Remember team events NO caffeine!!! Just like the races will be!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Weekend of Feb 26th

I have arranged for Pasadena Mountain Bike Club (PMBC) to host a practice at Bonelli Park on Saturday, February 26th starting at 9am . I expect they will have a tent up and mechanic there like they did last year plus abundant coaches to lead rides for ALL skill levels. There would be time to do some drills in the grassy park area for half an hour or an hour prior to heading out on the trails, and practicing mass starts for the newer kids would be a fun thing to do. If rain is definite for Saturday, it will be postponed to Sunday instead.
Last year the riding on new terrain was especially valuable for the less experienced kids.
San Gabriel, Burbank, San Marino and St. Francis are all invited; the more the merrier. For any who don’t know, parking at the Park & Ride next to the off ramp and riding into the park saves paying for parking.
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Monday, February 14, 2011


Our first race of the year is LESS than 3 weeks away. Plan on working hard at practice this week and next to get as much skills and fitness as you can. It may rain Thursday through Saturday so get in a ride whenever you can. DRESS WARMLY! Ride your bike at home on non-practice days, even if it is just slow speed balancing in your driveway and it will help. You will be glad you did on March 5th!

Tuesday - Leaving from Descanso Gardens; 4 to 5:45

Wednesday - SPIN CLASS; In Montrose just west of Anderson Pet shop 3:30 - 4:30

Thursday - Leaving from Descanso Gardens; 4 to 5:45 (Unless it is raining VERY HARD, I will be there willing to ride. Races happen rain or shine so it is good to practice in bad weather.)

Weekend - To be announced. We will see if we can try riding someplace new this weekend

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