Some of the 2011 MTB Team

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tania Creek Crossing!

This Weeks Practices

The races went well and CV is now in 3rd place in the team competition! It was the most fun race course we've seen yet and the weather finally decided to cooperate with a beautiful sunny Sunday. Venue Photo Enclosed.
The next race at Lake Arrowhead is only 2 weeks away so this week is the week to train hard for it. If you want to improve, come to practice and pedal hard! Arrowhead is the closest race, only @ 1.7 hours away, so for those of you who have never come to a race, it is your best chance. Riders, if you need transportation help, let me know.

This week's schedule:

Tuesday: Descanso Gardens 4 - 6pm
Wednesday: Spin Class (maybe our last spin class in Montrose)
Thursday: Descanso Gardens 4 - 6pm
Saturday: Descanso Gardens 10am

Sunday: Bonus workout
with the Burbank Team at the top of Reseda, 9am. (see below)
It is new riding territory for you all in Topanga State Park. Coach Jim is familiar with the roads and trails there if you have any questions about that... or just show up! I hope to be there so if you need a ride, let me know.

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Hey CV Team,
So we're headed up to the Top of Reseda this Sunday at 9 am. It's supposed to be a perfect day weather-wise so our plan is to ride out to Overlook Mesa for a nice ocean view. It's roughly a 14 mile ride with 3000 feet of climbing. If you're interested let me know! Feel free to bring anyone you like!

Directions are simple. Head north on the 101, exit Reseda Blvd., and go left off the freeway. Take Reseda all the way up into the hills until it deads ends right into the trail head.

Mauricio Barba
Head Coach
John Burroughs HS MTB Club

Monday, March 21, 2011

This Weeks Practices

This is pre-race week. We won't be doing anything too intense, but we will keep the skills & fitness momentum going... and riding for fun.
- Tuesday 4 - 6:00pm from Descanso
- Wednesday 3:15 - 4:30 Spin Class in Motrose
- Thursday 4 - 6:00pm from Descanso (WEATHER PERMITTING
- rain is forecast Thursday, but I will be there to ride with anyone who wants to unless it is raining hard)

Saturday - Pre-ride the course near Lake Isabella (Weather forecast is now RAIN FREE!)
Sunday - RACE DAY! (Weather forecast is now RAIN FREE!)

I will be leaving for the race course Saturday mid-day or late morning if any one person or bikes need a ride. It may be nice weather after all but prepare for the worst and bring clothing to stay warm no matter what the weather does.

Monday, March 14, 2011


The days are now long enough for practice from 4-6. If you think that’s too long, I saw the San Gabriel MTB team has 2 and ½ hour practices Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday AND Sunday! Don’t worry, we’ll stick with only 3 practices per week for now.
Also, I went to the MTB races (regular cross country races from beginner to Pro - not just High School) at Bonelli Park last weekend and was happy to see LOTS of high school kids racing. There were kids from Hart District, San Gabriel Team, St. Francis and other teams… and Pam from CV! I counted 4 SoCal League leaders jerseys on the race course. The competition is out there racing, getting experience and not waiting for the next SoCal high school race! The courses at these races are harder than at the high school races, but there were even kids from elementary school racing the same course. All you need to be able to do is know when you need to walk if one part of the course is too difficult for you.
You can see photos I took at the race at:
I encourage you all to go to some of these races even if you don’t want to race. It is a lot of fun and you will see more bike loving folks, young & old, at these race scenes than anywhere else. Later in the season there will be one in Fontana, one in Riverside, Santa Barbara, Big Bear and next weekend there is one at Keyesville (Lake Isabella) right where our next high school race will be. If raced that one, you’d be extra prepared for the next race! And if I’m there, I’ll take your photo.


Tuesday: 4-6 Starting from Descanso Gardens

Wednesday 3:15-4:30 Spin Class (note the earlier start time)

Thursday 4-6 Starting from Descanso Gardens

Weekend Practice to be announced

Monday, March 7, 2011

Our first race went well, overall. A lot was learned and for any racers wanting to do better next race, we coaches will help you accomplish that. If you have ideas of what you want to improve on between now and the next race, let me know. Jim, Ken and I have our own ideas as well... as you will see at practices.
The weather was great, the course was a fun course to pre-ride on Saturday and camping at the race course is always fun. There were hundreds of kids all camping and pre-riding at the same time. Over 220 racers took part and the fields of racers were big; a total of @ 70 JV boys for example (in 2 divisions). Some team mates finished only seconds from the racers in front of them and in a 2 or 3 lap race, seconds can be gained merely by changing your mind a little (focus a little more, keep pushing rather than relax, decide to pass rather than rest, etc.) However, to gain several minutes usually takes better hill climbing fitness.
You can see a few photos I took (didn’t take many) including preliminary results lists at:

Here are our results (from preliminary postings):
Lucas - 3rd - Only 41 seconds from 2nd and 46 seconds from 1st!
Pam - 6th - Her first race as Varsity and only 8 seconds off the podium.
Owen - 7th - Only 27 seconds off the podium.
Weston - 11th - about 5 min off the podium but with specific workouts, it’s achievable.
Adriel - 13th - 20 seconds behind 12th place; getting close to top 10
Danny D - 14th – Right behind Adriel. Twenty-three seconds faster would have been 12th.
Reilly - 15th – About a minute behind Weston.
Danny V - 26th - Pre-riding would have made it faster.
Connor - 31st - First race, learned a lot, now to work on moving up the ranks.
Mack - 34th - Some specific, hard workouts will move you way up the ranks if you want to do it.
Alvin - Finished his first race, unlike several of his competitors who didn't.
Dillen - Didn't finish because he got sick but his first lap was fast enough to put him 13th out of 20 in his first Varsity race.
Rachael - Didn't finish because of a crash where she hurt her ankle. She's okay though.

Those of you who didn't make it, come to the next race! It will also have camping along the race course under pine trees and will be near Lake Isabella east of Bakersfield.

This Week's Practices:

Tuesday - 4pm to 5:45 - Descanso Gardens

Wednesday – 3:30 to 4:30 – Hopefully Spin Class (I haven’t heard; check with Ms. Babbington or Pettigrew)

Thursday - 4pm to 5:45 - Descanso Gardens

Weekend – Time and place to be announced… AND SEE BELOW

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This weekend there is a MAJOR Mountain Bike race at Bonelli Park in San Dimas. Any racer who wants to get some great experience at a race that is on a bit tougher course than high school races should go. I will be there and will pre-ride either Friday or Saturday (or both). XC races are on Sunday. To Register sign up as Cat 3 age 15-18 and get a one day USAC license if you don’t have one. Let me know if you want guidance at this race. (There will be kids from other high schools there)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Hi Folks,
Tuesday & Thursday 4-6pm at Descanso Gardens.
The weekend: RACING! Pre-ride Saturday, Race day Sunday

It won’t help your performance at the races to work too hard this week so we will ride just for fun!

Pre-riding the course is one of the easy things that will help your performance in a race a lot. When you pre-ride, don’t climb the hills hard. Take it easy on the uphills, get an idea of what gear you will need at each spot, do the downhills fast enough to get an idea of what it will be like at race pace but DON’T risk crashing. You will gain the most pre-ride knowledge on the downhills and transitions. There is little to learn from hammering up a long hill but you might tire your muscles out before the race.
Also if you pre-ride while chatting with friends and team mates the whole time, you won’t get the full benefit. Try to do at least one lap while concentrating.

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P.S. I will be driving to Temecula Saturday leaving around noon and will have room for one person and one extra bike if the transportation is needed. I’ll be returning immediately after the awards ceremony.

Temecula Forecast (prepare for COLD mornings)