Some of the 2011 MTB Team

Monday, April 25, 2011


We will concentrate on having fun this week prior to our final Southern Ca. League race. I will be going to Vail Lake on Saturday mid-day if anyone needs a ride or if anyone’s bike needs a ride. The race day weather will be hotter than you have raced in this year so be sure to stay hydrated – especially the day before when you pre-ride the course. Warm weather will make the camping there a lot of fun, though. Contact Ms. Babington & Ms. Pettigrew for campsite location info.
Remember that online pre-registration for the SoCal League Finals at Vail Lake May 1st closes on Tuesday! Save a few $ and pre-register now!

Also, if you plan to race at the State Championships (a great race location near Solvang; ask team mates from last year), see below. There will be two or three times as many students at the state championships as there were at the SoCal League races. It will be very exciting to race with that many competitors at the same time.

Tuesday 4-6:15pm Descanso Gardens

Thursday 4-6:15pm Descanso Gardens

Saturday Pre-Ride the Race Course in Temecula

Sunday RACE DAY!


State Championships
The 2011 California State High School Mountain Biking Championships flyer is now posted on the website. It has all the information you need regarding registration, camping, lodging, and qualification.
Though we are still a month away from the race there are already over 100 riders registered. If you are qualified and plan on attending please register ASAP
Fields are capped at 100 riders and some fields could fill. This means you could qualify for States but not have a spot. Registration is first-come first-served and can be completed online in the Pit Zone.
As an added benefit to our California NICA racers this race will be a qualifying race for USA Cycling Cross-Country Nationals being held in Sun Valley, ID this July 14-17. Information on qualification criteria is on the race flyer.

Monday, April 18, 2011


This is the week to work hard if you want to do well at the next race. Plus the stronger you are, the more fun it’ll be, so come to practice!
Tuesday we are going to start out practice by learning a new skill that comes from a different cycling discipline. If you practice it and get good at it, it will come in handy for the rest of your cycling life. Come see!
The map of the race course is up on the SoCal League site now. Check it out.

Tuesday: 4 – 6:15 Descanso Gardens

Thursday: 4 – 6:15 Descanso Gardens

Saturday: 10am Descanso Gardens

Also, here is a well made video made by the St. Francis team that gives you an idea of what the Arrowhead race course was like.
And I added the photos taken by Evan’s dad to my Arrowhead race photo site:

Monday, April 11, 2011


One more mountain bike race is in the bag! The weather cooperated perfectly for Race Day and the course definitely had some new terrain challenges for us all. It was a great day of racing; if you weren’t there, ask your team mates what you missed.
With puddles and creek crossings, every bike that raced is now dirty and needs to be cleaned and the chain oiled BEFORE you come to practice on it. Don’t even think about coming to practice on before doing the above. If you have any questions about how to fix or adjust something, we coaches are glad to help (preferably not right when practice is about to start) but you all should always clean your bike and oil your chain after any conditions like yesterday’s.
I have the few photos I took posted at: . One is enclosed.


THURSDAY – 4 to 6:15 pm CV PARK at the corner of Honolulu and New York for some new, challenging fire road (Be ready to ride at 4pm; we will be leaving promptly!)

SATURDAY – 10am at DESCANSO Gardens

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Artwork By Pam

You all (except Reily) missed a great MTB ride from the San Fernando Valley all the way to overlooking the Santa Monica Bay on Sunday with the Burbank team. It is always fun and educational to ride in new and different terrain. You should have been there!
Let’s do some slightly different weekday rides this week. The days are long enough and if you don’t have homework this week because of spring break, we can cover more ground than usual.

Tuesday meet at CV Park (New York & Honolulu) at 4 – 6:30, a little later than usual. Show up in time to be ready to go at 4.

(Rest on Wednesday)

Thursday meet at Descanso at 4pm and we will ride the “horse trails” to Hahamonga and come back "the long way".

Saturday – Race Course Pre-Ride. I will leave from Descanso at 9am and can give a person and a bike or two a ride up there. I will be back @ 3-4pm. It may be cold and might be wet; dress appropriately.

Sunday – Race Day. Aim to be there by 8:30am and be aware of your start times. Find the team gathering spot and get ready to ride! The forecast is for sunshine, but it will be cooler at higher elevation. Bring your race # placard.

This race is a closer drive than any others we will do. If you have any friends or family who would enjoy watching, tell them to come; it should be well under 2 hours to get there. If you have not raced before; this is your best chance!

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