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Monday, November 9, 2009

Joining the Club for the 2010 Season

Our regular season starts Jan 1st and goes till May 31st, but as soon as we have some students who have filled out the paperwork to join the club we can have some pre-season rides or training between now and Jan 1st. Lets get started mountain biking!
So join the club now! If you (or your parents) have any questions about joining or about the paperwork, see Jan Babbington or Brett Harvey at CV or Carol Pettigrew at Clark. (or me at
And you can talk to any of last year's students including Dillan Maurer at Clark or Reily Pratt at CV.
Budget Bicycles will be offering a free bike bike check and tune up to students once they join the club (as well as a 10% discount on price tag items).
We have some free new tires for students who need them courtesy of Budget Bikes.
We will be giving any new student a "Mountain Biking Basics" skills session during their first one or two practices. Plus returning students will get a refresher skills session. Ideally these basic practices will get done before the regular season starts on January 1st.

- - Coach Banner Moffat

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