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Monday, April 26, 2010

GUSD Folks,

Tuesday, April 27th - Descanso Gardens 4 - 6:15pm, as usual.

Thursday, April 29th - Descanso Gardens 4 - 6:15pm, as usual.

Saturday, May 1st - Solvang at the Los Olivos Race Course. I will be there late morning and early afternoon to lead anyone who wants a coach present on one or more pre-rides of the race course. (You can pre-ride on your own though make sure someone knows that your are out on the course.)
Some GUSD folks will be camping in Solvang (should you be interested, there are trails to ride on in the Arroyo near the campground), others will be in hotels and perhaps others will be at the primitive camping at the race course.
Saturday Night - GUSD Dinner @ 6 or 6:30pm at Firestone Brewery walking distance across the highway from Solvang - for anyone who want to come. Hope to see you there!

Sunday, May 2nd - Race day!
By the way, while I think of it: WHENEVER you mountain bike on your own, always let someone who cares know where you went... it can make a huge difference in case you can't make it back because you are out there hurt!

Here are Banner's Race Pre-Riding tips:
1) Try not to tire yourself out on the up hills; don't push too hard. You will not gain any racing fitness the day before a race. If they are technical uphill, try to decide if you will ride or walk or run it during the race.
2) Go just fast enough on the down hills that you have to pay attention, but do not go so fast that you might crash. Don't try to go race speed, don't try to "push the envelope".
3) Riding easily enough during a pre-ride that you can do one extra lap of pre-riding without getting too tired is much more valuable experience than pre-riding hard and fast.

- - Banner

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