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Monday, March 16, 2009

NOT official club events but...

For those who simply can't get enough racing and want to add to their racing schedule there is a national series of mountain bike races of which we (here in SoCal) are fortunate enough to host MANY of. The series this year is called the US Cup Mountain Bike Race Series. The link to the main website is HERE. This is for information only! This is NOT an official club event and your standing in the club or the SoCal Interscholastic Cycling League has NOTHING to do with your participation in these race. Again, this is for information only. The club will not be involved in carpooling or coaching at these races.

Should you want to participate in any of these races the two that don't conflict with our schedule and are close are the Fontana City National on Saturday March 28th and the Santa Ynez Valley Classic in Los Olivos on Sunday April 26th. I believe the Santa Ynez race takes place in the same general area as our League race the following weekend. I will schedule practice both weekends on the non-race days to facilitate you being able to race should you want to.

If you want to do either of those races you will need to pay race entry ($35 in advance or $40 day of race). You will also need to buy either a USA Cycling Junior Mountain Bike Only license for $30 (good through 12/31/09) OR a one-day license for $10.

Since everyone on the club is 18 or under the USA Cycling classes you would register to race in are Cat 3 Men 15-18, Junior Men 13-14, Cat 3 Women 15-18, or Junior Women 13-14. Your "racing age" is your age on December 31st of the current year (for example, if I am a male currently aged 14 with a birthday on September 21st my "racing age" for calendar year 2009 would be 15).

You can either download the pre-registration form from the race website and mail it in with a check OR pre-register online. Additionally, you will need a USA Cycling Release (DOWNLOAD HERE) AND a Team Big Bear Release (DOWNLOAD HERE) signed by a parent or guardian to present at registration.

It appears the Fontana cross-country race is on Saturday at 11:00 AM and the Santa Ynez cross-country race is on Sunday at 8:00 AM.

If you want to get a good laugh you can see me "racing" in Fontana on Saturday at 11:00. Heck, maybe you'll even get the chance to pass me!

Coach Matt

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