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Monday, March 9, 2009

Race #1 Report

GUSD Composite had a great weekend of camping, riding, and racing at Vail Lake in Temecula. Here's the blur of the weekend we had!

We left CV at 12:30 on Saturday and headed to the race. We arrived at about 3:00 and got started setting up camp. Reilly's dad Ken discovered a "smelly" problem in the campsite which we quickly took care of! After that it was all about pitching tents, getting stoves and lanterns ready, and positioning the food! We then set out to pre ride the course. We discovered it was a great rolling course with hills that were mainly rideable (except for Marine Corps hill --- but that's another story) and single-track that was swoopy and and fun! After pre-riding everyone got cleaned up and started preparing dinner. As the sun dropped --- so did the temperature! We had dinner then sat around the campfire eating Banana Boats (a VERY healthy desert) and talking about goal setting, race expectations, and race tactics. Everybody went to bed with a stomach full of food and butterflies. Sunday morning everyone awoke to freezing (literally) temperatures. That didn't stop us from turning our camp into a waffle kitchen! Morning was a blur of cooking, cleaning, registration, nerves, and excitement. The girls races began and Pam gave it a great shot before a swamp monster came running out of the bushes causing her to tumble and taking her out of the race. Rumor is that Pam is already planning her assault on the Warner Springs course. The boys then took to the course and worked VERY hard! Weston came out our top finisher, Reily rode safely and solidly, Eric gutted it out but was still suffering from the after effects of a banged up arm, Greame got his money's worth, Armen spent time going backwards, and Hunter figured out that 3 laps is a lot longer than 2 laps. We ate some free BBQ courtesy of the SoCal League, packed up our camp, and headed home. All in all, it was a great learning experience for a group of first time racers and a fun weekend!

Below are some snapshots of the weekend and for some REALLY GOOD photos of the weekend click HERE for Coach Banner's photos or click HERE for Mike Leum's (Hunter's dad) photos!

Results are up! Click HERE to see them!

The crew ready to roll out

Setting up camp

Base camp is set

Piles of sandwiches for dinner

Talking shop around the campfire

It was a COLD night

Waffle making octopus

Waffle carb loading around the morning fire

Race day strategy with the bigwigs(League founder Matt Fritzinger and course designer Jason Ranoa)

Specialized Pit Zone team photo

Eric setting out on lap 2

Reily rolls across the finish line

2009 So. Cal High School League - Vail Lake from ChannelMTB on Vimeo.

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